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Our Story

Engagement and Pedagogy

This company was founded on the premise that Fantasy literature needed to be more inclusive,

as well as the recognition that students learning English as a second language (particularly older students)

were relegated to reading content that was either A) age appropriate, but too difficult, or B) English proficiency appropriate, but childish and embarrassing to carry around. With that in mind we set out to develop these books using real language and social development models. 


Our goal is to create books that take the reader from repeated sentence books all the way up to teen novels, through graduated steps. As the reader gains in proficiency, the Kingdom of Luna Nueva will expand and become a world full of heroes and monsters, trials and celebrations, loss and love.

As a company, we believe the key to loving reading is finding yourself in the stories. To that end, we strive to use illustrators that represent different backgrounds, providing their own unique spin on the Kingdom and characters within. We also aim to include characters who identify across the spectrum in ways that are authentic and inspiring. Please join us on our adventure, as we bring Luna Nueva to your homes and classrooms. 

~Thank You~

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